IIFSInstitutions Offering Islamic Financial Services
IIFSIndian International Friendship Society
IIFSInternational Indian Football Series (Germany)
IIFSInterior Indian Friendship Society (Canada)
IIFSIndividual Integrated Fighting System
IIFSInternational Institute of Financial Studies (India)
IIFSInternational Institute for Frame Study (Washington, DC; picture framing techniques and history)
IIFSInternational Institute of Forensic Science
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WP-07 also examines the applicability of the Financial Stability Board's Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions and other relevant international standards on this subject for IIFS and identifies the gaps in their implementation, since these international standards do not take cognisance of unique characteristics of these institutions.
b) Dissemination of information on such Shariah pronouncements/resolutions to the operative personnel of IIFS who monitor the day-to-day compliance of operations and transactions.
This collaboration is in line with the objectives of the IILM to facilitate liquidity management for IIFS in the Arab region thereby enhancing their resilience and ability to meet future economic challenges.
The case studies and survey on IIFS in the Middle East and South East Asia have shown that many IIFS have strengthened or adopted risk governance frameworks and assigned boards and senior executives to the role of risk management.
Oregon State University history professor Mina Carson, president of the IIFS, stressed that universities aren't trying to pass judgment on College Now participants and said faculty just want to ensure that students get the help they need to succeed at all levels of education.
The Guiding Principles for IIFS specify the structure of liquidity risk management process and provide necessary guidance on the identification, measurement, monitoring, control, reporting and mitigation of liquidity risk.
Honey Katiyal was chosen for this award by the IIFS because of his visionary approach and his exemplary contribution in introducing professional real estate marketing services in the Indian Real Estate Industry.
The meeting called for the formation of a supervisory board to work towards developing markets, products and institutions to enhance liquidity for the IIFS.
In order for the Shari'ah Board to have a precise chain of command and accountability towards the respective stakeholders of the IIFS, it has to be equipped with:
Past recipients of awards from The IIFS have included the Late Her Holiness Mother Teresa, former Vice President of India B D Jatti, Air Chief Marshal NC Suri, Sir Michel Athur KCMG (Former British High Commissioner in India), Lord Dholakia (UK), Lord Rana (UK), Lord Sheikh (UK), Baroness Verma (UK), Judge Sir Mota Singh (UK), Bollywood legends Dev Anand, Sunil Dutt and Rajesh Khanna, and many leading personalities from around the world.
Towards Greater Market Discipline: Shari'ah governance in enhancing disclosure for IIFS