IIFTIndian Institute of Foreign Trade
IIFTInternational Institute of Fashion Technology (est. 1990; New Delhi, India)
IIFTIndian Institute of Fashion Technology (Bangalore)
IIFTIndirect Immunofluorescence Test (platelet antibody detection)
IIFTInter-Institution Funds Transfer (finance)
IIFTInstitut International de Formation au Tourisme (French: International Training Institute for Tourism)
IIFTInternational Institute of Forging Technology (now International Institute of Metalforming; UK)
IIFTIntraoperative Intra-Arterial Fibrinolytic Therapy
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IIFT showcased their collections in French European Indian Fashion Week during IIFT Fashion Show Celestial Futrama on 22nd Oct 2016.
Confronting this peculiar situation of accumulated sugarcane arrears, affected farmers generally switch over to other cash crops leading to a decrease in the total acreage area, which automatically results in dilapidation of national sugar production volume (Government of India and IIFT, 2012).
The closing date for applications for IIM and IIFT courses is November 10.
Last year, 30 per cent of IIFT students settled for PSUs and this year, too, PSUs continue to be coveted.
Professor Ravi Shanker, chairman of the IIFT said: "We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Newcastle University Business School.
In line of promoting youths from the region in the field of art, Chairman of Delhi Fashion Club Harshit Dhingaun said, "Soon we are going to start Skill Development workshops for the Northeast youth in Delhi with the support of IIFT (International Institute of Fashion Technology) in field of make-up, fashion and creativity.
0) ([double dagger]) Serologic test result Patient Second-line Eggs Infection age, in status y/sex urine ([dagger]) 7/M ELISA and IHA Neg Probable Neg ([section]) 52/M ELISA and IHA Neg Suspected Neg ([section]) 29/F IHA Neg # Neg Probable 17/F IIFT Neg NT Probable 11/M IIFT Pos Pos Confirmed 35/F ([double ELISA and IHA Neg Probable dagger]) Neg ([section]) 35/M ([double ELISA and IHA Neg Probable dagger]) Neg ([section]) 11/M ([double ELISA and IHA Neg Suspected dagger]) Neg ([section]) 41/F IIFT Pos Neg Confirmed 45/F ND Neg Suspected 6/F ELISA and IHA Neg Probable Neg ([section]) * All patients were detected through a search of the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network (5).
The contest was judged by Mr Ratnadeep Lal - Founder Chairman IIFT Group , Atul Vasan - former Indian cricketer , Bharti Taneja - Owner , Alps Beauty Parlour , Shialy Bhagat - Indian Actress and former beauty queen , Kate Elizabeth Hallem - British Actress & Model , Mr Bharat K Bharmar - Director, Shri Sai Entertainments & few others.
This direct connect with students from top b-schools like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, FMS, MDI, IIFT, IIM Udaipur, IIM Kashipur, IIM Ranchi, XIMB, GIM, MICA, IMT Ghaziabad and many more, empowers aspirants to make an informed decision about joining a particular B-school.
El material vegetal utilizado para la caracterizacion morfoagronomica forma parte de la coleccion de papaya perteneciente al IIFT.
The IIFT is one of the top 10 business schools in India and its chairman Professor Ravi Shanker said the collaboration heralded an exciting period for both establishm ents.