IIGSInternational Institute of Gurmat Studies (Sikh organization)
IIGSInteractive Image-Guided Surgery (laparoscopic surgery)
IIGSInternational Internet Genealogy Society
IIGSInitial Image Generating Subsystem
IIGSIndian Institute of Geographical Studies
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This is necessary both because consumer price indexes are published with a delay of at least a month and because investors need to know the accrued inflation adjustments to trade an IIGS on the secondary market.
De las variadas lecturas surgio como candidato central el grafico en torno a los sistemas generales elaborado por el IIGSS (Instituto Internacional para el Estudio de Sistemas Generales), del cual el Grafico 0 es una pequena parte.
Choices include an Apple IIC Monochrome System for a register tape value of $70,000 to a Apple IIGS Color System for a $160,000 register tape value.
experience difficulty Win/Mac/Apple IIGS with input speed $475.
Apple lie and Apple IIGS computers, the former needing a card and the latter designed with a network card built-in, could now be incorporated into Mac networks.
A variety of participants on the network, many of whom were inexperienced on computers, plus a range of computer types (DOS clones, Apple IIGS, etc.
Schools' existing Apple IIGS and Macintosh computers are networked together via 200MB DIGICARD SRC disk servers, which boast a library of 90 MECC programs, Magic Slate and Muppet Keyboards from Sun Burst, Scholastic's Print Shop and the Brick by Brick reading series from Hartley.
Now all that has changed, at least for Apple IIGS users.
Since there wasn't any software for the IIGS, much of the year was spent using the tour disk to familiarize the children with the mouse and keyboard.
Guide to the AppleWorks GS version of the original AppleWorks, designed to take advantage of the enhanced features of the Apple IIGS.
Designed for Apple IIe and Apple IIGS early-literacy programs, the setups run with McGee, Katie's Farm, Create with Garfield, Muppet Slate, The Playroom and 15 others.