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IIHIdiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (abnormal increase in the pressure of the cerebral spinal fluid without obstruction or known cause)
IIHIs-Is Hello
IIHIntensive in-Home (health service)
IIHInstitute of International Health
IIHIntermediate-system To Intermediate-system Hello
IIHBranschföreningen För Industriell Och Institutionell Hygien (Swedish union of industrial and institutional hygiene)
IIHIntelligent Information Handler
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A summary of epidemiological studies on IIH reported different rICP prevalence (e.
More than 90% of patients diagnosed with IIH are overweight women and recent studies have shown weight loss is an effective treatment to reduce papilloedema (optic disc swelling) and for curing IIH.
IIH is characterized by headache, tinnitus, and visual disturbance including papilledema, visual field changes.
1894, uia, Archivo Porfirio Diaz, Legajo XIX Documento 60116 AD IIH UABC.
Only a few reliable reports are present on the association of FMF and IIH in adults.
I was diagnosed in 2007 after suffering the symptoms of IIH for a number of years," said Nikki, who works for NHS Business Services in Newburn, and is also the ambassador for the charity IIH UK.
Other possible causes of bilateral papilledema were ruled out; therefore, she was diagnosed with IIH and was started with appropriate treatment at our center.
She was diagnosed with IIH since she was five years of age and had been non-responsive to lumbar cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage and acetazolamide treatment.
Sin embargo, el impacto es minimo sobre las IIH (3,5,6).
The following protocols were employed: a) insulin-induced hypoglycemia (IIH) without exercise or caffeine (subgroups GC and GR); b) IIH with exercise and no caffeine (subgroups GC+E and GR+E); c) IIH without exercise and with oral caffeine (subgroups GC + C and GR+C); d) IIH with exercise and oral caffeine (subgroups GC+E+C and GR+E+C).
Historia y sociedad, ensayos del Seminario de Historia colonial de Michoacan, UMSNH, IIH, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores de Antropologia Social (en adelante CIESAS), Mexico, 1997, pp.