IIHMRIndian Institute of Health Management Research
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Ashok Kaushik, Dean (Academics and Student Affairs), IIHMR University Jaipur says, "India still suffers from over 3 million TB patients.
The IIHMR has been instrumental in providing technical support to the STAC and providing training on Leadership&Strategic Management the region.
Jena, Director, IIHMR said most of the hospitals are finding it hard to manage, due to the lack of qualified professionals.
IIHMR expects that over 2,500 hospital management professionals will be required by 2020 to fill the increasing gap, as many of the hospitals are going for higher level certifications.
Classes will be taught primarily at the IIHMR campus in Jaipur, and online.
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health MPH Program in collaboration with IIHMR will be an important milestone in promoting public health and building capacity of health professionals in India and the South East Asia region," Shiv Gupta, IIHMR Director, said.
Director of IIHMR Bangalore, Dr Biranchi N Jena, said, "IIHMR is an institution dedicated to the improvement in standards of health through better management of health care and related programmes.