IIPPInjury & Illness Prevention Program
IIPPInstitute for International Public Policy
IIPPIslamic Iran Participation Party
IIPPInternational Institute for Professional Protocol
IIPPIntellectual Infrastructure Partnership Program (Canada)
IIPPInternational Institute for Promotion and Prestige (Geneva, Switzerland)
IIPPIndependent Internet Photographic Portfolio (forum)
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We developed and utilized the IIPP survey to assess participant interactivity, perceptions, and preferences for this study.
Responses from the IIPP survey instrument were recorded in the IBM SPSS Statistical Package for Windows (Version 20; SPSS) for statistical analysis.
The discussion in this paper begins with reflections on a case study of the development of the IIPP with the (then) DKCRC.
The IIPP was a written document which contained three sections on purpose, philosophy and practices.
The last section of the IIPP contained the sections on ethics, collection of Indigenous intellectual property, use of storage and information, confidentiality, commercialisation, commercial benefits and continual improvement.
When questioned on how they used the IIPP in the course of their own research, some participants indicated that the IIPP had little to do with how they operated.
Partiendo de esta base, no nos sorprende la falta de publicaciones acerca de la potencialidad terapeutica de las IIPP.
Precisamente para hacer oir su voz en esas circunstancias, el documento de IIPP se convierte en un instrumento coherente con una relacion mas deliberativa y menos paternalista entre los profesionales y paciente.
Esta actitud poco preventiva, que podria ser entendida como descuidada, contrasta con los datos de otros estudios (10,11) en los que los que los propios medicos (unicos profesionales evaluados) consideran el inicio de las discusiones sobre IIPP como parte de sus responsabilidades.
Before Now Ruz, the Interior Ministry issued an order barring the IIPP from undertaking any party activity.
This structure is often referred to as IIPP (Interest-Interest, Principal-Principal).
Procurement of paper for printing such models framed in the next task of managing ~standard form and medical history folders for Material IIPP Secretary General.