IIPTInternational Institute for Peace through Tourism (USA)
IIPTInstitute of Islamic Political Thought
IIPTIntegrating Integrated Product Team
IIPTIntegrating Integrated Process Team
IIPTIrish Institute of Physical Therapies (Cork, Ireland)
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5], developed earlier in the IIPT, was used as a prototype.
TX-1 were used to record the impulse pressures when performing a number of scientific research works at the IIPT of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a prototype was delivered to the research center in France.
The IIPT conference will also invite traditional leaders from around the continent to contribute their views on how the industry can bring positive energy to peace and conflict resolution.
As noted earlier, DeCA first briefed the program to the full OSD IIPT in December 2003.
The company's new strategic focus includes transferring the ownership of IIPT to its shareholders in a spin-off transaction whereby the shareholders of the company will receive shares in IIPT by a stock distribution proportionate to each shareholder's interest in the company at time of such distribution.
IIPT began promoting the concept of Peace through Tourism since its founding in 1986 - but the idea of [sup.
2008): An Empirical Analysis of the Creation, Use and Adoption of Social Computing Applications: IIPTS Exploratory Research on the Socio-economic Impact of Social Computing, Seville: Institute for Prospective Technological Studies.
For example, IIPTs: I heard from day one that IIPTs are a waste of time, add no value, and the amount of time we spent preparing for them was wasted--simply not a good use of time.
Toward that end, he suspended the use of IIPTs as the standard course of action in favor of smaller, focused issue meetings to ensure OIPT principals are prepared and aware of all issues.