IIPUItalian Investment Promotion Unit (UN Industrial Development Organization)
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IIPU, an international organization, was established in 1889.
Several high-ranking local officials including Erdogan and the representatives from 53 IIPU member and 22 observer countries are attending the two-day event.
Larijani also conferred with IIPU parliament speakers including Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, Bangladesh and Yemen on issues of mutual interest and expansion of parliamentary cooperation.
This proposal was put forwarded by the Iranian parliamentary delegation to the eighth General Assembly Meeting of the IIPU.
The IIPU also condemned the assassination of nuclear scientists in the Muslim world.
consecutive meetings and the move is against the legal structure of the IIPU.
Parliamentary delegations of 50 countries will be participating in the IIPU
Before leaving Tehran, Larijani stressed the importance of the IIPU, noting that "the issue of Palestine and the Zionist regime [of Israel]'s behavior against women and children" is one of the important topics to be discussed at the meeting.
He pointed to the status quo of Iran-Indonesia relations, and said, "I believe Iran and Indonesia as two Muslim countries and important IIPU members should increase their efforts to broaden their political and economic cooperation.
The Iranian parliament speaker pointed to the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen and the urgent need of the Arab country to basic needs, and said, "The IIPU should try to alleviate their problems by sending a fact-finding team to the region and studying possible ways for helping the Yemeni people.
Alia said that the first day of the session has been allocated to the International Inter-Parliamentary Union and Iran is an IIPU member.
The IIPU subsidiary committee meeting which kicks off today is slated to evaluate the final statement of the 8th General Assembly Meeting of the IIPU and will last until Thursday.