IIRAInternational Industrial Relations Association
IIRAIllinois Institute for Rural Affairs (Western Illinois University)
IIRAIslamic International Rating Agency (credit rating)
IIRAIllegal Immigration Relief Act (Hazelton, PA)
IIRAIpertesti, Internet E Ricerca Agraria
IIRAIntegrated Inertial Reference Assembly
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IIRA opines that disclosures pertinent to Shari'ah need to be further enhanced.
IIRA also noted that the group's overall fiduciary score falls in the range of 61-65, reflecting adequate protection of the rights of various stakeholders and reported that GFH maintains sound regulatory corporate governance and Sharia requirements.
IIRA has assessed the group's overall fiduciary score in the range of '76-80', which indicates strong fiduciary standards and a well developed governance structure, wherein rights of various stakeholders are well defined and protected.
IIRA started operations in July 2005 to facilitate development of the regional and national financial markets by delineating relative investment or credit risk, providing an assessment of the risk profile of entities and instruments.
IIRA expect the bank to reach a pre-tax profit of 592 million Sudanese Pounds
It is not clear how successful IIRA has been in promoting the "global dialogue" for which it was designed.
IIRA takes cognisance of the regulatory amendments in corporate governance framework of Islamic banks in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and continues to acknowledge JIB's perseverance to conform to the high standards of Shari'ah principles.
This is an important collaboration for IIRA and represents the extension of the fiduciary ratings services we already provide to Islamic financial institutions to the Awqaf sector.
0 and IIRA, have identified the key technical requirements and some standards that address them.
Moreover we continue to maintain a strong number one position with a stable rating with the IIRA [Islamic International Rating Agency].
Ratings also factor in the value of some of the key operative investments held by GFH, IIRA said yesterday.
IIRA (rating agency) , IIFM (documents on hedging, liquidity, etc), and IFSB (prudential regulations and capital adequacy) are at the table together to discuss, say, Basel III.