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IIRCIf I Recall/Remember Correctly
IIRCInteractive Illinois Report Card
IIRCIf I Read Correctly
IIRCIf I Really Cared
IIRCImage and Identity Research Collective
IIRCIf I Recollect Correctly
IIRCImpedance Imaging Research Center (Korea)
IIRCIf It Really Counts
IIRCInternational Internet Recruiting Consultants, Inc.
IIRCInternational Inter-Society Research Committee (on Nuclear Codes and Standards)
IIRCInternet Information Research Center
IIRCIraqi Islamic Reconciliation Conference
IIRCImmunity and Infection Research Centre
IIRCInterstate Insurance Receivership Compact
IIRCIn Internet Relay Chat
IIRCInformation Integrity Research Centre (UK)
IIRCInternational Interpretation Resource Center
IIRCInternational Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium
IIRCInactive Item Review Code (US DoD)
IIRCIsn't It Really Cool
IIRCIVF & Infertilty Research Centre (Calcutta, India)
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We are extremely pleased to be working with IIRC as one of their newest strategic partners.
The IIRC under-took a deliberative, multiple-stakeholder development process in which IMA participated (see IMA's December 10, 2013, press release, "IMA Outlines Actions to Transform Corporate Reporting," on its website for details).
Jean Rogers and IIRC CEO Paul Druckman, outlines the basis for ongoing cooperation, collaboration and alignment between the two organizations.
The main capitals Eni uses (financial, manufacture, intellectual, natural, human, social and relationship) are classified in line with the indications offered in the IIRC Framework (see Figure 3).
In 2011, with a response letter to the IIRC paper "Towards Integrated Reporting: Communication Value in the 21st Century," IMA welcomed the development of the IR Framework as "an opportunity to modernize corporate reporting and corporate culture, unlock data from corporate silos and restrictive presentation formats, link operational, environmental, social and governance practices to financial performance, and make information relevant, meaningful and reliable for management and all stakeholders.
The IIRC initiative provides an opportunity for all CGMA-designated finance professionals to take on the role of global communicators of this pioneering approach to business reporting.
The IIRC proposed framework doesn't include an XBRL taxonomy yet--it's too early in the process for that.
L: The evidence from the 50+ institutional investors that are directly involved in the IIRC is that they are looking to integrated reporting to provide them with information that will aid better decision making.
Further information on the activities of the IIRC, and specifically integrated reporting and its proposed framework, can be found at www.
Transaction-oriented processes: which integrate resume processing vendors and background check services - Job posting management using HR-XML standards, including integration with IIRC and TMP's (Monster's parent company) JobVIPeR product - Data integration with ERPs, using the standards based, XML conduit methodology - Extract Reporting for high performance analysis using the customer's preferred reporting tools.
In November 2012, the IIRC released the Integrated Reporting Prototype Framework naming XBRL as the standardized technology platform that can be used to communicate, distribute, compare, and analyze integrated reporting.