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200 Asian institutional investors have been invited by the IIRF to participate and over 100 have already agreed to participate.
This optional programme is free for all corporate IROs who register on the IIRF conference web site and complete our research survey.
Kha Loon Lee, Asian Director of the CFA Institute; Neil Stewart, Executive Editor, IR Magazine; Sadakazu Osaki, Executive Fellow, Nomura Institute; Shiro Terashita, Executive Vice President and COO, IR Japan; Michael Santoli, Senior Editor of Barron's, USA; and Lynge Blak, Chairman & CEO of the IIRF, as well as a large number of international experts closely involved in IR-related activities, as well as representatives from Japanese and other Asian institutional investors.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION IIRF ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2007 Monday, December 3, to Wednesday, December 5 At the TSE Arrows venue of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
The IIRF Annual Conference 2007 will be held from December 3 (Monday) through December 5 (Wednesday) at the TSE Arrows venue at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Arranged jointly by the IIRF and IR consulting company Taylor Rafferty Japan, the forum will provide an opportunity for participating companies to make presentations to institutional investors from Japan and other countries in Asia at the TSE.
For addition information and to register for the conference, please access the IIRF website: www.
Between 1990 and 1995, IR societies joining the IIRF were those of Japan, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
Member societies of the IIRF have about 10,000 corporate members, including 7,500 listed companies (representing about 80% of their respective national market capitalization) as well as 1,100 IR consultants and service suppliers.
The principal objectives of the IIRF are to promote recognition of IR, encourage the development of IR societies around the world, and promote best practices in IR by offering a forum for the exchange of ideas on best practices and the experience of its members.