IIRIInternational Institute of Rhode Island
IIRIIImage Retrieval, Inc. (Carrollton, TX)
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Taking advantage of the disruption of intestinal mucosa after IIRI, some fungi, in the form of hyphae or pseudohyphae, even invaded into small intestinal wall, laying the foundation for the subsequent candidemia and disseminated candidiasis.
Inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-a, IL-6, and IL-1[sz] may be important mediators in IIRI and may also contribute to the defense mechanisms of the host in response to C.
IIRI in human is a common event in a variety of clinical conditions, such as small bowel transplantation, trauma, burn injuries, septic shock, and heart and aortic surgery.
sup][11],[24] Meanwhile, our research showed that IIRI strongly promoted C.
As similar to histological damage index, the levels of DAO increased in IIRI groups compared with the sham groups.