IIUIInternational Islamic University Islamabad (Pakistan)
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He assured of all possible cooperation in terms of faculty exchanges and exchange of delegations of experts among IIUI and Ukraine's educational institutions.
Ahmed Rashid about the cultural diversity at IIUI and apprised him about the future vision of the university.
Yousuf also admired the contributions of IIUI for the services of Islam and Muslim Ummah, he also requested co-operation from IIUI in this effort.
While lauding the role of IIUI, he said that it was serving the Muslim Ummah in true words.
Fawzan lauded IIUI for its role in building the minds of Mulism Ummah, while he also appreciated Dr.
Speaking on the occasion, IIUI Rector informed the visitors that more than 25 thousand students have been studying at IIUI in its nine faculties where they are being given education integrated with teachings of Islam.
The memorandum further describes that IIUI and EUIC will establish opportunities for promotion of academic research and exchange of educational programs.
Masoom Yasinzai said IIUI is keen to strengthen relationships with all the departments which are dealing with the education of country's youth.
On the occasion, Ban Ki-moon thanked President IIUI and lauded the services of university.
Dr Al-Draiweesh said IIUI is a global institution with an aim to nurture minds according to contemporary requirements integrated with teachings of Islam.
Chairman SAFRON Standing Committee lauded IIUI for its active role in dissemination of peace while saying that university is providing quality education to the students of Muslim world integrated with Islamic teachings.
Dr Al-Draiweesh, speaking on the occasion said, "It is an omen of unity at the IIUI that professionals belonging to different departments of the university joined the course".