IIUIInternational Islamic University Islamabad (Pakistan)
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He told that IIUI had offered teaching human resources and education facilities to the courtiers such as Niger and Kenya where Muslims are in need of true preaching f Islam to know the true message of religion.
The IIUI Rector said that 'Tolerant' minds nurtured in the light of real Islam which is all about peace ,could solve the issues and same was the vision of the university.
IIUI President told on the occasion that IIUI has top agenda for promoting those Teaching Research Associates (TRAs) and lecturers in as Assistant Professors who had completed PhDs.
The meeting was also attended by IIUI Vice President, Dr.
The IIUI is of the view that it is the custodian of Faisal Mosque and has the authority to use/misuse its designated places besides allotment of a sector to IIUI in H-10,' the minister said.
Committee Chairman PTI MNA Dr Amirullah Marwat, Federal Minister for Education Balighur Rehman, Secretary of Committee Walayat Khan, IIUI Rector Dr Masoom Yasinzai, IIUI President Dr Ahmed Yousif al-Dariweesh, QAU Vice Chancellor Shahid Siddiqui, members of the committee and IIUI vice presidents and DGs were present in the meeting.
It was also agreed that the work already done on the issue of alcohol will be shared with IIUI.
During the seminar more than 200 teachers were trained for use of robotics in comprehensive education in IIUI Schools.
DrAl-Draiweesh said educational institutions play significant role in curbing violence and IIUI is committed to this cause.
Ahmed Shuja Sayed, IIUI Advisor for promotion of Science, Dr.
IIUI Rector Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik, President Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui President and Vice President Parveen Qadir Agha were also present on the occasion.
He also mentioned that a dedicated and expanded day-care center will be built in IIUI female campus soon.