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Near the Gojra international hockey stadium, Ijaz along with his two accomplices, who was following Sabtain on a motorcycle, started indiscriminate firing on the car and injured Ijaz and Shahbaz.
Coach of the Ten Pin Bowling Alay Umair Ahmad, Aqsa Khan, Ijaz Ahmad of AP conducted the contests.
During the course of hearing, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked, 'How can SC direct legislature for enacting laws as apex court job is only to interpret the law.
The final was started on slow note and both Nimrah and Laiba Ijaz have exhibited long rallies.
Ijaz spent six weeks in jail before being released on bail, reports the Daily Times.
The strong UAE Exchange batting ran into early trouble with Asif Butt getting rid of Indika Sampat (4) and Asim Ijaz (4) while Othman dismissed Sandeep Shetty (5) and the hosts were reduced to 14 for 3.
Ijaz has accused the Pakistani government of orchestrating an unsigned memo that he delivered to the US last year asking Washington to help stop a supposed military coup following the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
What all concerned - especially the members of the memo commission - need to consider is the credibility of Mansoor Ijaz, for it was his accusations that have created a mountain out of a molehill.
It also transpired that HH and Ijaz flew together to London on 9 May and met British chief of staff David Richards and Secretary Ministry of Defence and after showing them the memo and getting their blessing, the two flew back to Washington the same day.
Prosecutor Howard Shaw told the court that in December 2004, Ijaz, of Skelton Crescent, Crosland Moor, had in excess of pounds 96,000 in three bank accounts which he failed to disclose on a review form relating to his council tax benefit.
The incompetence of Ijaz has already brought enough shame for our country at international level.
The person had handed over the packet to Ijaz saying that Uzair's relative from Saudi Arabia had sent it.