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That was why a correct transliteration of aACAyAbdallah could not be aACAyAbdullah or even aACAyAbdulla, even if that was frequently used, since aACAyAbdallah came as close as possible to Library of Congress and IJMES protocols and there was no such word as ullah.
Press, 1999); Steven Judd, "Ghaylan al-Dimashqi: The Isolation of a Heretic in Islamic Historiography," IJMES 3l (1999): 161-84.
w[acute{a}]safat 'she described' (see my "Towards a Generative Phonology of Arabic," IJMES 5 [1974]: 99).
The Murder of the Caliph cUthman" (also from IJMES [1973]) refers to the critical point in the history of those years, and perhaps the central event of Islamic history after the Prophet's lifetime.
24 Dick Davis, review of Khaleghi-Motlagh 1992, in IJMES 27 (1995): 393-95.
Roy Mottahedeh, IJMES 7 [1976]: 163) was written in 1873, at age 23.
Considering her impressive erudition, it is surprising that she makes no mention of Estelle Whelan's seminal article, "The Origins of the Mihrab Mujawwaf: A Reinterpretation," IJMES 18 (1986): 205-23.