IJMSIrish Journal of Medical Science (Ireland)
IJMSInternational Journal of Medical Sciences (Ivyspring International Publisher)
IJMSInternational Journal of Modelling and Simulation
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Another weakness of note is that the data pertaining to dentistry articles in the IJMS may not reflect the overall dentistry-related research output from Iran.
To promote IJMS in international context we used several ways.
Total Citation number of IJMS is 113, which means that the average citation per paper is 1.
IJMS is a relatively new journal and as we all know, either from experience or by general reasoning, for any nascent journal it would take a while before it can establish itself as a credible academic outlet in the field; and by 'field' I mean not the limited boundaries of a geographic context (in this case, Iran) but the 'field of management studies' in a borderless global environment.
Based on my review of the papers published in IJMS, I am delighted to say that thanks to the founder's vision and editorial team's time consuming hard work and dedication, authors' commendable commitment to knowledge generation, and reviewers' generosity and good will, the Journal has produced a great array of high quality scholarly articles in different areas of management studies.
Yet, as I mentioned earlier, since academic journals are generally seen as the main platform for research dissemination, I will explicate how authors should facilitate their own participation in knowledge generation by commitment to high quality submissions to a journai like IJMS.