IJOAInternational Journal of Organizational Analysis
IJOAInternational Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia
IJOAInternational Journal of Advertising
IJOAInstitute of Job and Occupational Analysis
IJOAIllinois Juvenile Officers Association (South Holland, IL)
IJOAInternationalen Jungen Orchester-Akademie
IJOAIllinois Jeepers Offroad Association
IJOAInternational Jurists Organisation, Asia
IJOAInternational Juvenile Officers Association
IJOAIraq Joint Operations Area (US DoD)
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Anham inherited a huge mission, and it planned to support the IJOA from only one warehouse in Kuwait.
As the Anham contract began to take shape in the IJOA, operations appeared seamless.
Prime power teams conducted numerous assessments of enduring site power requirements and provided contract officer technical representative expertise to multiple power plants in the IJOA.
In February 2011, the USF-I J7 hosted two forums to synchronize engineer support throughout the IJOA.
This directly correlates to the 94 percent reduction in fires throughout the IJOA over TF SAFE's 3-year history.
SUBJECT: Designation as ARFOR Authority for IJOA (Enclosed)
SUBJECT: Designation as AFFOR Authority for IJOA (Enclosed)
Exotic command relationships within the IJOA only serve to add an element of complexity to an otherwise straightforward CBRN decisionmaking process.
However, without the sustainment command adopting LRT, the IJOA continued to use LOGSTARs to report commodities.
The Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) commander challenged the 103d ESC commander to finally implement BCS3 in the IJOA.