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Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize those who have worked diligently this past decade: FiT Publishing, which founded IJSF and has provided much-appreciated support to the editorial teams; the European Sport Economics Association (ESEA), which has adopted IJSF as its official journal and has allowed the journal to feature some of the best research presented at the ESEA's annual conference; and all of the IJSF reviewers and authors, past and present, for their commitment to the journal.
A further word of gratitude goes towards the new editorial team at FiT Publishing, which publishes the IJSF, who assisted us with all types of practical and scientific advice.
Thus, the papers that have been published in IJSF have been subject to serious scrutiny and in the editors' views represent substantial contributions to scholarship in sport finance and sport economics.
The ESEA has also embraced IJSF as the official journal of its association.
Further, we would also like to thank IJSF editor Rob Simmons for his support and the production team at FiT Publishing for their hard work in putting this special issue together.
This is the third special issue of the IJSF featuring papers presented at the ESEA conference.
The IJSF recently became the official journal of the European Sports Economics Association, and as part of the partnership, the IJSF will continue to publish papers from the ESEA conference.
Now that we have a joint agreement between IJSF and ESEA, each partner feels that rigorous policy-relevant research in sport economics and finance can be sustained at a higher level.
IJSF secures a headline special issue featuring some of the best papers presented to the annual conference.
This is the second special issue of the IJSF featuring papers presented at the ESEA conference.
I hope that you enjoy the contributions from the third ESEA conference that appear in this special issue of IJSF and I want to thank the authors and all members of the ESEA for their important contributions to the field of sport economics and finance.
Howard provided exceptional guidance, leadership, vision, and energy for the IJSF from its inception, and we are deeply indebted to him for his efforts the previous three years.