IKDInstitut Kajian Dasar (Malay: Institute for Policy Studies; Malaysia)
IKDIntegrated Kernel Debugging (computing)
IKDInternationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbande (German: International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives; est. 1964)
IKDInterkulturellen Dialog (German: Intercultural Dialogue)
IKDIn Kind Donation
IKDInternational Karate Daigaku (martila arts organization; Canada)
IKDIncompletely Knocked Down
IKDIntelligence and Knowledge Development (USAF Directorate)
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Health Secretary Abid Majeed, who chaired the second meeting of MTRA, announced that IKD was accorded approval to go ahead with kidney transplantation in line with KP Medical Transplantation Authority Act, 2014.
The IKD educational model and the DOCENTIA training evaluation programme provide us with numerous clues about the functions which, within the framework of convergence with Europe, a lecturer should develop.
The integration on the Based on the technical characteristics of IKD H3DI and some of the most known commercial and research-related Haptic Devices [6], [8], [9], [11] we have derived the following table.
Prof Asif Malik, the head of urology department at the IKD, said that they had received applications from the private hospitals.
In the meantime IKD -IKCO subsidiary in heavy duty vehicle production- presented Vana van and gas & diesel engine pick-ups.
Daimler AG have already had successful business ties with IKD for the last 50 years.
We plan to quickly resume our business activities in the market there, and our letters of intent with local partners IKD and Mammut Group are important pre-requisites to resuming business quickly.
Flanked by Dr Abid Jan and Dr Naseeb Dad, he further blamed that the IKD director had conducted the interview of his two nieces and both were selected, adding in selection committee MS and few members were absent but their marks had been given by the chief executive and the IKD Director.
HMC, IKD, KTH, LRH, Maternity, Naseerullah Baber Hospital Kohat road are attached to this centre.
95 Source: GIAMM Table--3 Number of companies and types of component products, 2007 Types of Component PMA PMDN Total Engine component 30 18 48 Engine manufacturing 7 1 8 Filter 2 6 8 Battery 3 3 6 Gasket 4 2 6 Alternator 5 0 5 Starter motor 5 0 5 Radiator 2 2 4 Source: GIAMM Table--4 Import duty on component basic materials Types of cars Parts/Components April 2007 May 2008 Passenger Cars Material for component 0% 5%-20% Minibus production Jeep (4x4) Blank (excluding precious 0% 5%-20% metals) IKD component (pistons s, 0% 5%-20% Gear boxes) Other component (maximum 0% 5%-20% Rates Drive) Source: Finance Ministry, Industry ministry Table--5 Components of tariff of transport cost Description % a.
Prof Asif Malik, the MTRA administrator, told Dawn that IKD would serve as umbrella for the whole province.
Daimler officials who entered Iran after the fulfillment of JCPOA, discussed signing up in Iran's market and industry and also signed a memorandum of cooperation with IKCO during meetings held in the presence of IKD, IDEM and Daimler CEOs.