ILACInternational Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
ILACInternational Language Academy of Canada (educational organization)
ILACInternational Legal Assistance Consortium (Sweden)
ILACInternational Law of Armed Conflict
ILACInternational Laboratory Accreditation Conference
ILACInstitute for Latin American Concern (Creighton University; Omaha, NE)
ILACI Am Lovable and Capable
ILACIn-Line Amplifier Card
ILACInternational Association of Lactation Consultants
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A loophole does exist where NRTLs (who are not accredited or a signatory to ILAC) are authorized by OSHA to assess third-party or in-house manufacturer's laboratories to ISO 17025, however, there is no oversight by an ILAC signatory that all ISO/IEC 17025 clauses are in compliance.
Se destaca que esta revista presenta trabajos monograficos como resultado de los proyectos de investigacion que se desarrollan en la comunidad academica de la Sociedad de Historia de la Educacion Latinoamericana (SHELA), el Doctorado en Ciencias de la Educacion RUDE COLOMBIA y los grupos de investigacion HISULA e ILAC.
William 'Bill' Meyer, who leads ILAC, a consortium of Non Governmental Organisations, NGOs, with experience in rebuilding justice systems, spent eight days in November (16-23) talking to people on both sides of the Libyan struggle and getting a first-hand look at the country after the eight-month long conflict that eventually ousted the Libyan dictator from power.
ILAC is now also mentioned as a key player by the United Nations.
Por lo tanto, el metodo de Monte Carlo, que es un metodo planteado en el suplemento 1 de la (BIPM, IEC-IFCC, ILAC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP & OIML, 2008), viene a suplir esas limitaciones y es utilizado para validar los resultados obtenidos por el metodo tradicional de la (BIPM, IEC-IFCC, ILAC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP & OIML, 2009).
There are always some people in each ILAC group who speak Spanish.
The ILAC Arrangement supports international trade by promoting international confidence and acceptance of accredited laboratory data.
ILAC held a dinner reception for the participants, where Miami's Gary Davidson, chair of the project's steering committee, awarded trophies to the competition's best oralists and to the University of Florida, the winner of the regional competition.
The ILAC arrangement is the fruition of two decades work, which has seen the development of regional recognition arrangements (for instance, between countries in the European Union).
One unit, in Dublin's Parnell Street, next to the city's ILAC Shopping Centre, and another in Cork, will be the first of a chain of discounters across the Republic.
Diana Elvira Soto Arango, docente de planta de la Escuela de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia, directora de HISULA e ILAC y editora de la RHELA, participo en el Second Conference on Higher Education in the Caribbean (II CCHE) que se realizo sobre el tema de "Best Practices in Higher Education: the Way Forward for the Caribbean", en la University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, del 8 al 9 de mayo de 2014.
Global acceptance" is based on 2 agreements: the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA).