ILAPIntegrated Logistics Analysis Program
ILAPImmigrant Legal Advocacy Project (Maine)
ILAPInternet Light and Power (Internet service provider; est. 1995; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ILAPIntegrated Logistical Analysis Program
ILAPIntegrated Logistics Automation Program
ILAPInstituto Latinoamericano de Plásticos (Spanish: Latin American Plastics Institute)
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After login, go to the References tab and click on ILAP Documentation.
For more information or assistance with the reconciliation tool in LIW, call ILAP support at (800) 631-8377, or email: support@ilap.
Once you're logged on to LIW, click on the Army ILAP icon in the center column.
The LIW main Web page, which replaced the WebLOG Web page, simplifies access to former WebLOG tools, restructures the LOGSA System Access Request (SAR) process, and provides single-sign-on access to the full capabilities of both WebLIDB and ILAR With the fielding of the LIW IOC, WebLIDB and ILAP are accessible only through the LIW Web site.
A one-time user name conversion process transfers all existing EIDB and ILAP access privileges to the LIW.
The first step in this process occurred during 2005 when responsibility for ILAP was formally transitioned from the Program Manager Logistics Information Systems to the Commander, Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA).
ILAP will incorporate both customer wait time and requisition wait time data in easy-to-use graphic interfaces designed for customer queries and pipeline analyses.
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