ILARInstitute for Laboratory Animal Research
ILARInternational League of Associations for Rheumatology
ILARInternational League Against Rheumatism (now International League of Associations for Rheumatology)
ILARIntegrated Logistics Aerial Resupply
ILARInfolink Account Request System
ILARInternational Lyric Academy of Rome (Italy)
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In 1993, ILAR obtained public funding to revise the 1985 guidelines and selected for the committee sixteen individuals from academia and the private sector, including scientists, veterinarians, and one person with a religious studies and bioethics background.
The LIW main Web page, which replaced the WebLOG Web page, simplifies access to former WebLOG tools, restructures the LOGSA System Access Request (SAR) process, and provides single-sign-on access to the full capabilities of both WebLIDB and ILAR With the fielding of the LIW IOC, WebLIDB and ILAP are accessible only through the LIW Web site.
A significant ILAR contribution was the production of guidelines, commissioned by the NIH, on laboratory animal facilities, space, equipment, and personnel.
In March of 1964, a report on laboratory animal facilities and care was published by ILAR, which stated that, as of 1961, 61 percent of institutions surveyed had centralized animal facilities, but only 30 percent of the animal facilities had professional supervision.
Though the 1970 amendments to the AWA were meant to stimulate more institutions to form committees, the 1978 ILAR survey found that only 37 percent had their own IACUCs, the same proportion as in 1968.
8), (9) The ILAR classification is based on the number of joints affected, the presence or absence of specific serologic findings and systemic manifestations as outlined in table 1.
The combination of configured loads and ILAR will expedite the delivery of supplies to soldiers and significantly reduce soldiers' exposure to the enemy.
The underlying assumption of the ILAR classification is that these disorders can, on a clinical basis, be defined and there will be no overlap among them.
2-4) As the terms JRA, JCA, and JIA are not wholly interchangeable, this review will defer to the classification used by each published study discussed, and will use the ILAR classification of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis as appropriate.
GeoCities, for example, today hosts neo-Nazi and extreme right sites," ILAR spokesman Marc Knobel told us.
Klein also served as chair of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Scientific Advisory Committee and was a member of ILAR Council, National Academy of Sciences, serving as Chair of its International Committee.