ILAVIraqi Light Armored Vehicles
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Vigus said the ILAV fills the gaps left by "theater demands, production constraints or competing requirements.
Since JERRVs are not available for training in the United States, an effort by the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) provides ILAVs as training surrogates--or JERRV surrogate vehicles (JSVs).
Under this foreign military sales contract, BAE Systems will provide six ILAV Explosive Ordnance Disposal variants and three ILAV Interrogator Arm variants.
The ILAV has five variants which include: International Light Armored Vehicle (base vehicle), Interrogator Arm, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Joint Surrogate Vehicle and MRAP Training.
The 4x4 ILAV leverages proven designs and includes a V-shaped hull designed to deflect the force of explosions away from passengers.
We are pleased with the opportunity to provide additional equipment that will expand upon the capabilities of the ILAV and provide needed protection for the new Iraqi ground forces.
In addition, we are on track for the on-time completion of the current Buffalo contract with the Army, and will apply these same practices to the ILAV program.