ILBInside Linebacker (football)
ILBInshore LifeBoat
ILBI Love Bees (viral marketing; Halo 2)
ILBInflation Linked Bond (financial debt instrument)
ILBIndustry Lead Body
ILBIndustrial Light Beam (Australia)
ILBInbound Load Balancing
ILBIrish Lighthouse Board
ILBIn-Line Binning
ILBIndustry Lead Bodies
ILBIntentionally Left Blank
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subsidiary Hartshorne Mining Group LLC, hopes to replicate the success of its local peers, including Alliance Resource Partners, arguably the most profitable coal producer in the ILB.
Major type's genotypes (Gazira 1, ILB 1814 and Giza Blanka) described by number of seeds per pod and seed index.
Funding is currently made available by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), by the Ministry of Economics and Energy of the Federal State of Brandenburg as well as by ILB.
BI spokesperson Elaine Tan has explained that the ILB is not a hold-departure order, and is not on its own a bar to the departure of Brown and Roda.
The Criccieth (RNLI's) ILB was launched and a party of four were found fishing safely in the waters.
To leverage the success of this team's ILB strategies among a broader investor base, HSBC Global Asset Management has launched the global ILB strategy through a Luxembourg-based SICAV within HSBC's flagship Global Investment Funds (GIF) range," HSBC said.
The ILB has pledged to cooperate closely with the European Commission to ensure that all EU citizens are equipped with the basic skills needed in today's labour market, and to strive to encourage and help workforces and populations improve their careers and lives through learning.
Returning starters: Senior CB Ryan Foltz, Senior S Dan Catalano, Senior ILB Leo Reed (switched from DE); Senior DE Joe Lemma.
The Lalat project is a joint venture with Filipinas Systems and is some 18 km to the east of ILB.
Artemedia finally paid after the ILB gave the new investor a $1.
ILB specializes in the acquisition and repositioning through a licensing platform of mismanaged, underutilized or dormant consumer brands with high awareness value.
going from 407 million short tons (st) in 2016 to 443 million st in 2018, but remain relatively flat in Central and Northern Appalachia and the nation's interior, consisting mainly of the ILB.