ILFIInvasive Length of Fat Invasion (histology)
ILFIInternational Labour Film Institute (Britain)
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In the update to its certification program, the ILFI looked to simplify the process for certification by reducing costs and documentation, focusing solely on energy performance in facilities and only requiring a third-party review of energy performance to receive certification.
Duame and Strauss came up with the home design contest, says Mark Masteller, a former Alaska-based ILFI staffer and longtime energy efficient building advocate.
The ILFI represents 100 thrift and community banking institutions with assets of $23 billion.
We want to get Zero Energy to be the new normal," says ILFI CEO Amanda Sturgeon, who hopes ZE certifications will soon number into the thousands.
The ILFI questionnaire contained 48 Likert-type statements (six items pertaining to each of the eight leadership characteristics).