ILMUIntegrated Library Management Utility (software)
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Several ILMU leaders including Fathul Bari, Azwira Abdul Aziz, Sulaiman Noordin and Fadlan Othman were banned from teaching in the state of Selangor by the state religious department because they lacked proper accreditation.
ILMU ulama have also been invited to address UMNO gatherings throughout the country.
ILMU ulama have taken a hardline stance in dealing with several issues affecting the country.
Prior to the second protest, ulama from ILMU held a series of talks and posted videos online to discourage Muslims from participating in Bersih 2.
ILMU has also taken a strong stance on the issue of apostasy.
An equally important issue that ILMU has been actively exploiting is the usage of the word Allah in Malay translations of the Bible.
An analysis of the position forwarded by the ILMU ulama on the issues cited above indicates the symbiotic relationship between the ulama and the Malaysian government.
Third, it is highly unlikely that UMNO will allow ILMU to grow significantly.