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ILOInternational Labour Organization (United Nations)
ILOInternational Labour Office
ILOInstructor-Led Online (learning format)
ILOIn Lieu Of
ILOIn Light Of
ILOImmigration Liaison Officer (EU)
ILOIndustrial Liaison Office
ILOIntegrated Lights Out
ILOIloilo, Philippines - Mandurriao (Airport Code)
ILOInfrastructure Liaison Officer (California)
ILOIntended Learning Outcome (education)
ILOIntegrated Lights-Out (Technology) (Hp)
ILOInitial License Offering (business funding)
ILOIntelligence Liaison Officer
ILOIntegrated Logistics Overhaul
ILOInjection Locked Oscillator
ILOIsraeli Liaison Officer
ILOInterservice Liaison Officer
ILOIn-Phase Local Oscillator
ILOInitial Lightoff
ILOIncremental Learning Objective
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Numan zcan, Director of the ILO Office in Turkey, will present ILO Turkeys efforts to help access of Syrian refugees into the labour market, in particular through skills development for youth.
The Country Head was accompanied by National Project Coordinator ILO Mian Mohammad Binyamin, Focal Person of ILO in Punjab Saad Gillani.
The ILO mission, the second in two years, met the prime minister, ministers of labour and justice, the CEO of Qatar Petroleum and workers' groups, mostly from the Philippines and Nepal.
This falls in line with ILO efforts to support the training and capacity building of employers' organisations in the Arab States region, so that they become involved in all policy discussions in a constructive and well-informed manner, and reflect a unified position at the national level.
The ILO estimates the total global migrant population at 232 million people but its figures do not show what proportion have migrated illegally or at least not through an established, legal process.
According to the ILO report, many youth with a high level of education can eventually expect to find a stable job only after long periods of unemployment, usually one to two years.
14) Given that all UN agencies promote compliance with human rights treaties, it can be said that the UNHCR and the ILO mandates intersect, as they share this normative basis.
Hosseini also voiced Tehran's readiness to share experiences with the ILO in different areas to help the international body achieve its targets.
The UAE was announced as a member of the Government Board of Directors of the ILO, and was also elected as a member state in the Labour Council Team.
There is a high road to export competitiveness that leads to inclusive growth and poverty reduction," Gilber Houngbo, an ILO deputy director, saidA in a statement.
Among other matters, conferees went over; ILO's supervisory machinery generally, the approval of reports forms for ILO Conventions and Recommendations and the selection of instruments for reporting under article 19 of the ILO Constitution; action relating to the protection of human rights; international legal instruments and judicial decisions affecting the status of the ILO's standard-setting work; legal agreements concluded by the ILO with other international organizations.