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ILOCImpacted Lines of Code
ILOCInternational Lines of Communication
ILOCImage Location
ILOCIrrevocable Letter of Credit
ILOCInternational Lunar Occultation Centre
ILOCIntermediate Level of Care
ILOCIntermediate Location
ILOCInitial Location (location where a unit pauses in its deployment or redeployment)
ILOCInstant Loss of Credibility
ILOCIowa League of Cities (Des Moines, IA)
ILOCInstitutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada (Downsview, Ontario, Canada)
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The purpose of the load configuration code is to describe how cargo will be loaded for delivery to the POD, an ILOC, or the unit's destination.
Discharge constraint codes describe the limitations or restrictions that exist at the POD, ILOC, or destination.
rdtx10b - Locator Transmitter, Includes; 16 Frequency Pairs, On Screen Volt-ohm Multimeter, 10 Watts 90volts Maximum Signal Output, And Enhanced Iloc Communications Ability To Communicate With
The ILOC Roadmap addresses the very limited role that tribes and tribal courts in Alaska currently play in resolving criminal offenses and determining the resulting punishment.
Part III of the Article briefly reviews some of the proposed solutions to the problems of domestic violence and alcohol abuse in rural Alaska, including the solutions proposed by the ILOC Roadmap and Alaska's efforts to refer state cases to tribal courts.
Until recently, including when the ILOC Roadmap was drafted, this was prohibited by the federal regulation controlling taking land into trust, which restricted the applicable regulations from application in Alaska.
As its last recommendation, the ILOC Roadmap suggests that Congress should affirm the inherent criminal jurisdiction of Alaska tribes over members within the boundaries of the tribe's village.
In the context of public safety, ILOC recommended reestablishing territorial sovereignty for Alaska Native tribal governments as a vital step to improve public safety in rural communities.
Letter from Michael Geraghty, Attorney General, Alaska, to Troy Eid, Chairman, ILOC (Feb.