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ILOGInstitute of Logistics
ILOGIncoming Log
ILOGIntelligence Logiciel (French: Intelligence Software)
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ILOG claims that the new product is a collection of technologies and services that can be used in conjunction with ILOG JRules to deploy business rule templates and modelling tools.
ILOG Views Controls a portable software library that provides a complete set of dialogue objects, such as buttons, menus and text fields and complex objects like trees, toolbars and spreadsheets.
ILOG Elixir is available from Adobe Systems to developers for USD799 through an exclusive reseller agreement.
The C# tools are an extension of the ILOG Visualisation Suite and let the Gantt charts be used for viewing scheduled resources such as people, machines and raw materials.
ILOG (Nasdaq: ILOG) (Euronext: ILO), a provider of software components and services, announced on Tuesday (18 December) that Wisor Telecom Corp, an operational support system (OSS) solutions vendor, has selected ILOG JRules, part of ILOG's business rule management system (BRMS) product line, to automate complex order management processes for its telecomms carrier customers.
ILOG has now added support for web services and business process management, a move that will help companies control their business processes to a greater degree, according to ILOG.
The ILOG CPLEX optimisation software is designed to improve the speed of decision making in an organisation by calculating how to make best use of existing resources.
The new system uses ILOG JRules, SAS Statistics Data Mining system, HandySoft BPM Suite, and TiMax WAS.
Reef Software, an Internet software applications provider, has chosen software component company, ILOG to supply its ILOG JRules to be integrated into an upcoming software release.
ILOG (Nasdaq:ILOG), a provider of software components and services, announced on Tuesday (19 December) that it has signed an agreement with information technology company IBM (NYSE:IBM) to market ILOG Fab PowerOps (FPO), ILOG's solution for semiconductor production scheduling, to IBM's manufacturing execution systems (MES) customers.