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ILPInductive Logic Programming
ILPInstruction-Level Parallelism
ILPIndividual Learning Plan
ILPIndependent Living Program
ILPIndependent Labour Party
ILPInformation Leakage Prevention (IT security)
ILPInstitut Latihan Perindustrian (Malaysia)
ILPIndustrial Liaison Program
ILPInteger Linear Program
ILPIntegral Life Practice
ILPInternational Lithosphere Program
ILPIndefinite Listing Privilege (American Kennel Club)
ILPIntegrated Layer Processing
ILPIndividualized Learning Program
ILPInternational Library of Poetry
ILPI Love Photography (online forum)
ILPIndividual Learning Programme
ILPInstituto Libertad Y Progreso (Spanish: Institute for Liberty and Progress; Bogotá, Colombia)
ILPInternational Logistics Program
ILPInformation Led Policing
ILPInitial Learning Program
ILPI Like Pie
ILPIntegrated Leadership Program
ILPIntegrated Logistics Panel
ILPIvy League Publishing
ILPIntegrated Logistics Plan
ILPIndividual Lending Program
ILPInformation Lifecycle Protection (data management)
ILPIntra LATA Presubscription
ILPInjection-Locking Process
ILPInventory Logistics Portal (US Air Force)
ILPInternal Logistics Project
ILPIncident Learning and Prevention
ILPIntegrative Learning Project (various organizations)
ILPIsolated Limb Perfusion
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Because of this a significant percentage of services are provided in the home (25%) versus in the ILP.
Currently, 300 of the world's leading blue-chip organisations turn to the ILP for professionally co-ordinated access to MIT experts, research facilities and information resources that will help them bring innovation to market.
Although trait-and-factor and person-to-environment-fit approaches to career counseling will always exist and are appropriate, especially when clients are in job search or work adjustment, ILP moves beyond the linear process of choosing a vocation to a more holistic view of the world--seeing work in relation to other life roles, or work within a life.
Throughout my 25-year career as a law enforcement professional and now working internationally with law enforcement agencies on their intelligence management initiatives, I have challenged police executives to understand the key elements of ILP and to employ this approach systematically.
Hirsch & Co, the management company for ILP Funds, "We were attracted to Panini's outstanding growth, leadership talent, and innovative technologies.
The program funded 20 ILP Intermediaries in 2011, and hopes to identify another 20 this year in the second round.
The two groups' scores on the four subscales of the ILP were compared using separate independent-samples t-tests.
A copy of the final ILP and progress reports are sent to the youth, his or her case manager and parents.
Volunteer Mentoring and Host Homes are two ILP programs that rely solely on volunteers.
Her opportunity came at a by-election in March 1929; she won as an ILP candidate, retaining the seat six weeks later at the General Election which brought Bevan to Westminster for the first time.
Specific core services were specified as necessary to meet the designation as an Independent Living Center (ILC) (as opposed to an ILP) but beyond those core services ILP and ILCs alike were guided largely by the concept of "unmet needs.
ILP is a system to restrict the entry of outsiders -- both Indians and foreigners into the state.