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ILPInductive Logic Programming
ILPInstruction-Level Parallelism
ILPIndividual Learning Plan
ILPIndependent Living Program
ILPIndependent Labour Party
ILPInformation Leakage Prevention (IT security)
ILPInstitut Latihan Perindustrian (Malaysia)
ILPIndustrial Liaison Program
ILPInteger Linear Program
ILPIntegral Life Practice
ILPInternational Lithosphere Program
ILPIndefinite Listing Privilege (American Kennel Club)
ILPIntegrated Layer Processing
ILPIndividualized Learning Program
ILPInternational Library of Poetry
ILPI Love Photography (online forum)
ILPIndividual Learning Programme
ILPInstituto Libertad Y Progreso (Spanish: Institute for Liberty and Progress; Bogotá, Colombia)
ILPInternational Logistics Program
ILPInformation Led Policing
ILPInitial Learning Program
ILPI Like Pie
ILPIntegrated Leadership Program
ILPIntegrated Logistics Panel
ILPIvy League Publishing
ILPIntegrated Logistics Plan
ILPIndividual Lending Program
ILPInformation Lifecycle Protection (data management)
ILPIntra LATA Presubscription
ILPInjection-Locking Process
ILPInventory Logistics Portal (US Air Force)
ILPInternal Logistics Project
ILPIncident Learning and Prevention
ILPIntegrative Learning Project (various organizations)
ILPIsolated Limb Perfusion
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A private or home school student who wants to set up an ILP should log in on kheaa.
The Green Creative and ILP brands will remain independent.
Evaluation of ILP was done by all the steps of UFE as shown in Fig.
Esta investigacion se realizo por medio de la sistematizacion de experiencias en seis ILP y en dos GSP promovidas por el SNPS en Bogota, Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Caldas, Cauca, Huila y Putumayo.
The collaboration between the two powers is bound to make ILP Hospital a comprehensive medical center integrating medicine, education, research, nursing and treatment, which will set up a model for the national healthcare reform.
The ILP is just one of the power security measures established to address power supply issues in Luzon especially during the upcoming polls on May 9.
This has led to an influx of outsiders who have taken away jobs and property, claim ILP supporters.
So we need not even touch ILP, which means that no cost has been incurred to meet the crisis.
But it is not only about what MIT can do specifically for each business as the ILP is also a network of 200 of the world's leading blue-chip organisations.
To qualify for the ILP (Independent Living Program) veterans must:
ILP is an innovative strategy for advancing crime prevention efforts.
Lalu Samuel, managing director for Kingston Holdings and Pierlite Middle East, said: "As part of our commitment to energy saving products in the lighting industry, we are bringing the latest generation of ILP products to the market, helping to greatly the reduce carbon footprint of the community.