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ILRIndustrial and Labor Relations (Cornell University school)
ILRIndefinite Leave to Remain (United Kingdom)
ILRInstitute for Legal Reform
ILRInstitute for Learning in Retirement
ILRInteragency Language Roundtable
ILRIndependent Local Radio
ILRIndividualised Learner Record (UK)
ILRImplantable Loop Recorder (heart rhythm monitor)
ILRIntelligent Long Range (Identec Solutions, Inc.)
ILRInternational Law Review (Washington College of Law, American University; Washington, DC)
ILRInstitut Für Luft – Und Raumfahrt (German:Institute and Chair of Aerospace Engineering)
ILRInternational Llama Registry
ILRIndustrial and Labour Relations
ILRInstitute for Labour Research (UK)
ILRIntrinsic Level Recovery
ILRItem Level Restriction (game, RPG)
ILRInterworking Location Register (Ericsson, Inc.)
ILRIce-Lined Refrigerator (preservation and storage)
ILRIBM Library Reader
ILRIndian Law Reports
ILRIntegrated Logistics Review
ILRIndonesian Law Reporter
ILRInternational Lineman's Rodeo
ILRImmediate Loss Reporting (insurance)
ILRInstitute of Law Research (Vietnam)
ILRIsrael Law Reports
ILRIowa Law Review (University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
ILRInstitut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (French: Luxembourg Institute of Regulation; Luxembourg)
ILRIndependent Living Resources (various locations)
ILRInstitute for Law & Religion (Belgium)
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But because of the delay in redeveloping the golf course, First ILR says improvements to the hotel and a new franchise agreement have been placed on indefinite hold.
17 Vaccine arrangement in ILR is indispensable for the viability and appropriate use; however, only 29 participants knew about arrangement of vaccines.
75 megawatt-dc universal solar power plant covers 21 acres of the closed ILR Landfill with 23,834 solar panels.
So, the temperature inside ILR and DF has to be measured and recorded twice in a day.
Finally, we performed a regression with the subgroup of physicians who reported both old scale and ILR scale ratings to identify physician characteristics associated with the direction of the change in their score.
The results from the windowing (Table 3) and data reduction (Table 4) techniques concerning LR phase were compared between them and with the results of ILR phase delineated by the proposed algorithm.
Half of patients with syncope have a vasovagal cause," and hence are not candidates for ILR assessment.
This project is the latest in a series of teaching, conference and research facilities that MDSA has designed for ILR and Cornell University.
The irony is, of course, that no group invests more money in lobbying than ILR, which has spent more than $338 million on lobbying Congress over the past decade.
Chamber and ILR, which are two separate legal entities, combined funds in a shared bank account to hide accurate reporting of investment or interest income for tax avoidance.
An initial application for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) was refused in February 2005.
As a result, her case was reconsidered on May 6 and she was granted ILR.