ILRFInternational Labor Rights Fund
ILRFInteragency Labor Relations Forum (professional network)
ILRFIndigenous Land Rights Fund (est. 2004)
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In the report, the ILRF called on McDonald's stand by its code of conduct and help workers throughout their supply chain that are subjected to persecution and anti-union activities:
The existence of child labour and other labour abusive practices were found to varying degrees in all four Fifa licensed supply chains" that the group studied in Pakistan, the ILRF said in a June 7 report.
Firestone has an 82-year history of exploitation in Liberia," says Tim Newman, campaigns assistant for ILRF.
ILRF said it chose the rug-making industry because of the wide gap between the high cost of retail carpets and the poor working condition in which they are produced.
Under current arrangements, Dole now leases its land from its workers, on extremely cheap terms--in one example cited by ILRF, Dole pays in rent one-fifteenth of its net profits from a plantation.
Collingsworth of the ILRF says, "The ultimate buyer, they don't want child labor.
The panel and report are part of long-standing efforts by ILRF and Green America to ensure chocolate companies are held accountable for child labor issues further down in their supply chains.
The ILRF has set up a comprehensive fire safety programme, Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement, to address the decades-old problem of lethal working conditions in supply factories.
Voluntary or social labeling initiatives such as Kaleen, sponsored by the Indian government, and Rugmark, sponsored by the ILRF, are currently the most visible forms of efforts to control child labor.
The USWA and ILRF have also filed recent suits under the ATCA on behalf of Drummond employees and SINTRAMIENERGETICA officials Jimmy Rubio and Juan Aguas Romero, claiming that Drummond officials are knowingly continuing to aid and abet paramilitary forces which are attempting to kill them and that Messrs.
The ILRF has set up a comprehensive fire safety programme called Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement to alleviate the decades-old deadly working conditions of workers at supplier factories in Bangladesh.
This article is the first in a series that represents KI the collective thoughts of senior labor relations practitioners who attended two ILRF retreats in Shepherdstown, WV in July 2000 and January 2001.