ILSDInstitutional Licensing and Software Distribution (Pennsylvania State University)
ILSDIntegrated Logistics Support Detachment
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Because a real-domain representation is employed in the ILSD algorithm, real-domain computations are considered for the computational complexity.
In summary, the total computational complexity for the ILSD scheme during K symbol intervals can be expressed as
2, it is also observed that the ILSD scheme with [N.
3 shows the BER performance of the ILSD scheme and conventional SD for a 6 x 6 MIMO system with various values of [[sigma].
The ILSD scheme with K = 16 exhibits an SNR gain of 1.
5, it is seen that the ILSD scheme requires a higher number of operations compared to the conventional SD scheme.
In contrast, in the ILSD scheme, it is only estimated by exploiting a list of the selected points that lie inside a sphere.