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ILSEInternational Life Saving Europe
ILSEIntermediate Level Support Equipment
ILSEInternational Labour Standards E-Library
ILSEInitiative for Life Science Entrepreneurship (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
ILSEIterative Least-Squares Estimator
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There was a carpet all over the floor, and in one corner there was a forty-pinny and a Jew's harp and the divil knows what ilse, and in another corner was a sofy, the beautifullest thing in all natur, and sitting on the sofy, sure enough, there was the swate little angel, Misthress Tracle.
Ilse alleged she had signed a contract to work a 48-hour week but claimed she often ended up doing 65 hours with no overtime pay.
Ilse, of Cheltenham, said: "I wept and cried and eventually they picked him up.
Also kann Ilse Vogel auch mal jemanden durchfuttern: Einen zum Beispiel, der keine Lebensmittelkarten hat.
In his Aptean Edge keynote speech, Ilse said that last year when he was new to the company, some customers may have wondered if Aptean was even a viable company.
Foolishly smitten with Ilse, his son Olivier's personable wife, Paul-Jean devotes himself to protecting her.
Adah and Ilse come upon his intricate gilded cage while exploring in an old barn, and ask their grandmother for his full story.
Ilse Storch will continue as Editor-in-Chief and the Associate Editors will continue in their rolls.
Ilse Van Opzeeland, a marine biologist and expert on large whales at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) one day switched on the live stream of PALAOA, the underwater acoustic observatory, and the loudspeakers suddenly resounded with the calls of humpback whales - and this at a time during which the marine mammals should long have been swimming 7,000 kilometres further away in the warmer waters off Africa.
Ilse Stritzke, with help from her son Bernard Stritzke, recounts her childhood in Palmnicken, East Prussia, a small coastal village on the Baltic Sea that was part of Germany during World War II.
com)-- Ilse started in the restaurant industry and that was her path to the world of wine.