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ILTInstructor-Led Training
ILTInstitute for Learning Technologies (Columbia University, NY)
ILTInstitute for Laser Technology
ILTInfectious Laryngotracheitis
ILTInstitute for Learning and Teaching (UK)
ILTInformation Learning Technology
ILTInstitute of Logistics and Transport
ILTInverse Lithography Technology
ILTInvercargill Licensing Trust (New Zealand)
ILTFraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology (Aachen, Germany)
ILTInteractive Learning Toolkit
ILTIs Listening To
ILTI Liked That
ILTI Love Torrents (file-sharing website)
ILTInternal Link
ILTIndustrial Language Training
ILTIntegrated Learning Technology, Inc
ILTIndependent Learning Time (education)
ILTInternal Lifting Tool
ILTInteractive Legal Tools (est. 2006)
ILTInstallation Lead Time
ILTInadequate Lead Time (Sprint)
ILTIndependent Living Training (various organizations)
ILTIn-Line Tee (oil and gas production)
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In the investigation stage of the ILT process, the learner begins to work at the application and analysis levels of cognition (Bloom, 1956).
Live vaccines are used throughout the world to control ILT in poultry.
This shows that the ILT is a valid test with important metabolic significance for purposes.
Using online learning in a preparatory way to teach fundamental concepts followed by the participatory environment of the Web class or traditional classroom ILT program has the following benefits:
The ILT is currently co-chaired by David Blackwood, Director and Business Unit Leader for BP and Sir Ian Wood, Chairman and Managing Director of the John Wood Group.
The ILT Convention will take place at the main assembly hall (Hall 1).
When we consider Walker's works to date, it seems that the first two novels, TLGC and M, and the first collection of short stories, ILT, tend more to mirror things as they are - frustrations, oppressions, misdirections, and tragedies.
Before, student teacher grades were based on the findings of the university supervisor and the supervising teacher; currently, the rating system is based on ILT teams.
Their confidence in the application of Novilase ILT to early-stage disease underlines the promise of Novian's approach.