ILTISIntercultural Learning for Teachers in Secondary Schools (Finland)
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231) See Iltis, supra note 230, at 488 (explaining that the Common Rule requires investigators to follow uniform rules when conducting human subject research); MAYO CLINIC BIOBANK, infra note 325 (explaining that IRBs are established to review research projects in an effort to protect the study participants).
In 1979 he not only succeeded in preparing the gnarled four-wheel drive Iltis for the Paris-Dakar rally, but also achieved victory.
To aid in determining which vegetation types (Oak Woodland, Oak Savanna, and so forth) contained which species, we used additional lists from the Midwest (Curtis 1959; Pruka 1995; Cochrane and Iltis 2000; Bader 2001), as well as studies that placed species along light gradients (Bray 1958; Pruka 1994; Leach 1996; Leach and Givnish 1999; Swenson 1999; Hausman 2001).
ANA SMITH ILTIS, "A Philosophical Exploration of the Possibility and Implications of Institutional Moral Responsibility.
Jala-pyakhah--Linda Iltis, Theco Navadurga--Gerard Toffin, Kathmandu Bhadrakali--Bert van den Hoek, Sankhu Devi-nac--Bal Gopal Shrestha, Kirtipur Bhagbhairava-nac--Reinhard Herdick, Khokana Rudrayani-Sikali-pyakhah--Silke Wolf (see bibliography),
130 - Chris Vote, Phoenix, d Sam Iltis, Philomath, 9-6.
Michigan is located in the range of the grassland biome of the Midwest (Cochrane and Iltis 2000) and is at the eastern boundary of the tallgrass prairie (Transeau 1935) and the prairie-forest ecotone (Cochrane and Iltis 2000) (Figure 1).
trained systematists leave the discipline for lack of faculty or museum positions, complains Hugh Iltis, a plant taxonomist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Wheeled vehicles, especially the breakdown-prone Iltis and the LSVW, were notorious for their unreliability.
We would like to thank our friends Brenda Sexton and Todd Lizak from the Illinois Film Office, Morgan Harris and the John Iltis Agency, Touchstone/Disney as well as the Aurora Area Convention and Tourism Council for making this special screening possible," added Jenkins.
Ebenfalls zeigten nur [der] Iltis und unsere Mungos das 'Maulwurfsspiel', das wahrscheinlich dadurch ausgelost wird, dass fur diese beiden Tiergruppen das Einschlupfen in enge Hohlen und das Entlanggleiten des Korpers in den Gangen lustbetont ist.