ILTSInternational Liver Transplantation Society (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
ILTSInstitute of Low Temperature Science
ILTSInternational Lottery & Totalizator Systems Inc. (computerized wagering; Carlsbad, CA)
ILTSIntelligent Language Tutoring System (artificial intelligence)
ILTSIndustries de la Langue et Traduction Spécialisée (French: Language Industry and Specialized Translation)
ILTSInternational Language Teaching Services (various locations)
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The $10,000 award, which will be funded annually, is designed to help fund recipients' training specifically in transplant hepatology or transplant surgery, anesthesia/critical care, or basic science under the tutelage of an ILTS member.
We are gratified to have the opportunity to provide our system to Jackson County and achieve this important milestone in the application of our secure transaction processing technology for use in improving the voting process," said ILTS President, Steve Schwickert.
ILTS will serve our needs from our early 2000 launch, with 3,500 terminals, through the anticipated expansion to 15,000 terminals," said IFT President James W.
Under the terms of the contract, ILTS will deliver a new DataTrak on-line gaming system and approximately 2,000 new Intelimark FLX terminals.
At ILTS our goal is to provide our customers with not only state-of-the-art software and hardware, but the best service, financing and marketing support as a complete solution customized for their unique business requirements," said Lou Burns, vice president, sales & marketing, ILTS.
The contract also includes a provision for ILTS and ES&S to enter into a software support agreement for ILTS to supply necessary software maintenance and services to ES&S on terms to be negotiated.
In commenting on the fiscal 2004 first quarter results, ILTS President Mark Michalko said, "First quarter revenues are consistent with our expectations and reflect the nature of a business in which contracts are often subject to timing of formal bidding processes.
We continue to work to improve our performance and position in the marketplace, and build on the progress achieved in the prior two years," said ILTS President Mark Michalko.
In commenting on the fiscal 2003 second quarter results, ILTS President Mark Michalko said, "The improvement over the last quarter reflects of the beginning of deliveries of additional terminal kits to our customer in India, which will complete the initial contract signed in 2001.
Under the contract, ILTS will deliver additional on-line terminal kits for assembly in India.
In commenting on the results, ILTS President Mark Michalko said, "The third quarter was a very active period for ILTS.