ILUCIndirect Land Use Change
ILUCIndiana Land Use Consortium
ILUCInteragency Land Use Council (Wisconsin)
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The objective of this contract is to provide the Commission with an evaluation tool for assessing biofuel feedstocks with respect to their ILUC impact with a 2020 perspective.
Even when uncertainties are high, there is strong evidence that the ILUC effect is significant and that this effect is crop?
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Moreover, Brazilian sugarcane ethanol achieves among the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emission savings (over 70% relative to fossil fuel alternatives, according to the default values in the EU Renewable Energy Directive, and more than 55% when estimated ILUC emissions are accounted for) of all biofuels produced at scale in the world because of its very moderate indirect impacts and the resource efficiency of its production.
They claim the proposal has loopholes that will allow EU member states to ignore the ILUC criteria and ignore the greenhouse gas emissions caused in the production of biofuels when estimating EU member state required reductions.
In order to hone methods for calculating the ILUC effect, Brussels drew on modeling reports from the International Food Policy Research Institute and from the EU's Joint Research Center, using a pre-developed OECD model, as well as conducting an in-house review of existing literature on ILUC.
The Council is expected to reach a political agreement on the so-called ILUC (indirect land-use change) directive amending the fuel quality and renewable energy directives.
In addition, the degree of contribution of the measure to limit ILUC is uncertain, while the level of trade-restrictiveness is high.
Without ILUC, corn-based ethanol achieves a 52 percent GHG reduction while cellulosic ethanol achieves GHG reduction of 72-130 percent depending upon feedstock and conversion process.
Accounting for dynamics in the global agricultural area reduces the current estimated contributions to global warming from ILUC by 60-70%
EU Energy Ministers discussed two key energy papers at today s TTE (Energy) Council in Brussels: the Communication on the Internal Energy Market and the ILUC legislative proposal amending the Directives on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and on fuel quality.
The European Union's sustainability criteria also constrain the type of biofuels that can be used to meet the mandates and the situation could get worse if the EC's proposal for ILUC factors is approved in its current form.