IMASIdolm@ster (gaming)
IMASInternational Mine Action Standards
IMASInstituto Mixto de Ayuda Social (Spanish: Joint Social Welfare Institute; Costa Rica)
IMASInternational Military Arms Society (New Zealand)
IMASIntelligent Multiservice Access System (Promatory Communications)
IMASInternational Museum of Art and Science (McAllen, Texas)
IMASInteractive Media Alliance Scotland
IMASIntegrated Multispectral Atmospheric Sounder
IMASIndustrial Management Assistance Survey
IMASIntersite Mirroring And Switchover (Intergraph)
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The IMAS was an instrument created by the researcher for the basis of this study only.
The IMAS was given to students by the researcher during the week of May 13-17, 2002.
IMAs also facilitate gifting and charitable stock donations.
First, many IMAs will accept existing stock positions as part of the initial funding of the account.
Under the agreement, IMAS will concentrate on middle market food and beverage concerns, delivering a complete solution with low cost of ownership and a short implementation time.
Polycom's equipment has advanced Frame Relay-to-ATM Internetworking functionality that complements Promatory's IMAS.
Tested along with the Jetstream VoDSL system in a multi-ATM switch network, the IMAS automatically recognized upstream network failures and rerouted traffic to preserve virtual circuit (VC) integrity and ensure uninterrupted customer calls.
The Promatory IMAS solution is the industry's first carrier-class, broadband access system to combine support for multiple DSL transmission types with high-capacity asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switching, delivering unmatched traffic management and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities.
It leverages Promatory's IMAS support of switched virtual circuits (SVCs), the ability to support up to 128 virtual circuits on a single DSL line, and the ability to assign unique classes of service to each virtual circuit.
In December 1998, IPM Datacom redirected engineering resources, previously involved in the design of an ADSL/DMT/DSLAM product, toward the joint development with Promatory of new international features for the IMAS in the European market.
We appreciate companies, such as IMAS, that support our efforts to maintain the highest standards of teaching possible.