iMATIsolated Mode Antenna Technology (Skycross)
iMATIntensity-Modulated Arc Therapy
iMATInteractive Multisensor Analysis Training
iMATIntegrated Mission Area Training (US Strategic Command)
iMATIncident Management Assist Team (US Coast Guard)
iMATInteractive Multimedia Arts and Technologies Association
iMATIndependent Maritime Analysis Team
iMATIntake Manifold Air Temperature
iMATInformation Management and Analysis Team
iMATInstrument Mission Analysis Tool (US Army Test & Evaluation Command Data Collection Tool)
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To obtain a comprehensive overview of protein components in IMAT and OMAT from individual seven groups (cows, steers, and bulls), protein profiles of whole lysate of IMAT and OMAT were separated by SDS-PAGE and assessed by silver-stained image analysis.
Of the 55 proteins identified, 44, 40, and 42 proteins were confirmed to be differentially expressed in IMAT of cows, steers, and bulls, respectively.
A total of 16 up- or down-regulated proteins between IMAT and OMAT of cows, steers, and bulls were selected.
To study the patterns of gene expression in IMAT and OMAT associated with sex, we used cows, steers, and bulls.
IMAT College is associated to the University of London and was founded in 2009 for Sierra Leoneans to buy London degrees without travelling to England.
SkyCross' unparalleled experience in producing a family of VersiTune integrated modules and antennas based on patented advanced technologies including IMAT, beam-forming, pattern diversity and closed loop tuning enables customers to bring to market the most innovative RF products available today.
Contract Awarded for AIMSv8 and IMAT After Hours Support
Award: IMAT, Nez Perce-Clearwater NF~s - Smtih Creek Road to Trail and Road Decommissioning