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IMBAInternational Mountain Bicycling Association
IMBAInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (Austrian Academy of Sience)
IMBAImbalance (online games)
IMBAIndependent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (Canada)
IMBAInternational Masters of Business Administration
IMBAIntegration Von Menschen Mit Behinderungen in Die Arbeitswelt (German: ergonomics)
IMBAInternational Morab Breeders Association (Sanford, ME)
IMBAIntegrated Modules for Bioassay Analysis
IMBAInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Science
IMBAInternationale Motorsport Bond voor Amateurs
IMBAInformation Management Business Area
IMBAIrish Masters of Beagles Association (UK)
IMBAIncorporated Master Builders Association
IMBAInternet Masters of Business Administration
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Beginning in 2010, IMBA began a campaign to secure bike-friendly adjustments and companion designations, helping to shepherd those designations through the legislative process.
From 1997 to 2004, it was adopted as a core course in several more master-level degree programs in the business college, including an Executive MBA, a Global Executive MBA, an International MBA (IMBA), a Master of International Business (MIB), an overseas MIB, an overseas IMBA, and an overseas Executive MBA.
Mark Rauenhorst: trustee of Creighton University and member of the Business School Advisory Board at the University of Notre Dame, where he received his IMBA.
Next to IST-A and the traditional public universities, there is also the Austrian Academy of Sciences with several well known research institutes such as the biotech institute IMBA.
Antes de su IMBA, trabajo como Asociada en Servicios de Impuestos para Expatriados y como Consultor Internacional de Recursos Humanos para Silverman Linden Jonson LLP (SLJ), una firma consultora especializada en contaduria e impuestos con sede en Nueva York.
Last year, the IMBA conducted an online survey and Scotland surprised many by being named the People's Choice.
The authors acknowledge diverse contributions toward the researches reported in this registration notice: For funding from 1991-2004 the ISPOB, USB, IMBA, NSF, and NCSRB.
Koukoui, who is not an IMBA member, says she does not know of any other African Americans who specialize in the genre, either.
Experiential learning is at the heart of the IMBA Program, which features a mandatory overseas summer study session and a full-time fall semester internship at a foreign host company.
Recently graded by the Colorado-based IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association), Wales equalled anything the hitherto unassailable Americans - who gave birth to mountain biking - could offer.
The sample consisted of 28 Taiwanese graduates of or students in the IMBA program, representing a 60.