IMCUIntermediate Medical Care Unit (various locations)
IMCUIndustries Mutual Credit Union (Parramatta, Sydney, Australia)
IMCUIntensive Medical Care Unit
IMCUInternational Milk-Clotting Unit
IMCUIntermediate Care Unit
IMCUIndiana Members Credit Union (Indiana Bank)
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All IMCU classes are offered free of charge and on company time to enable it to stay ahead of the competition "and continue to deliver top notch service to our clients," reports Greg Swaino, manager of support services at InfoCision.
Emery said the classes are led by James Martin, a local artist whose mother used to work at IMCU.
Shannon Mullen, a branch manager at IMCU who serves on the board of Plainfield Community Schools Legacy Foundation, a local nonprofit organization, participated in one of the artistic fundraisers.
IMCU employees volunteered their time to fill the backpacks at a stuffing party.
United Way, in conjunction with the Jefferson Awards, recognized the contributions and achievements of IMCU for its corporate employee volunteer program, along with other honorees and organizations.
Trough a partnership with FOX Sports Indiana, Granger and Shepherd Community Center, every time Granger makes a three-pointer during the 2010-2011 season, IMCU will donate $33 to Shepherd Community Center.
A team of staff volunteers will run the IMCU $AVE program and help encourage participation from the entire organization.
Newby says the sponsorship also provides a unique opportunity to get the IMCU name out to new potential members among Pacers fans.
Construction and leasing of property 3 - ZOPII, pathology, ICU IMCU (interim building) according to the specifications of the client in connection with the construction project Wilhelminenspital New Project.
Delivery and assembly of surgical and examination lights for ICU / IMCU and surgical areas.
This total is the result of selling 30,944 candy bars at the 24 IMCU branches in central Indiana, as well as donations from an employee fundraiser, "Bowling for Backpacks.