IMDCIllinois Medical District (Chicago, IL)
IMDCIntegrated Mission Design Center (NASA)
IMDCInternational Marine Design Conference (engineering)
IMDCInstructional Media Development Center (Wisconsin)
IMDCIsolated, Missing, Detained, or Captured (personnel recovery)
IMDCIrish Marine Data Centre (Dublin, Ireland)
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In the univariate analysis, all 6 IMDC prognostic factors correlated with OS.
Another analysis from the IMDC presented at GU-ASCO 2014 sought to validate the IMDC prognostic model in patients with mRCC receiving next-line targeted therapy after progression on first-line targeted therapy, and to compare the IMDC model to the 3-item Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) second-line prognostic model.
Researchers sought to use the IMDC database to help answer the question of whether or not CN still provides a survival benefit in patients with synchronous mRCC.
higher proportion of patients with favourable or intermediate IMDC prognostic criteria, better Karnofsky performance status [KPS], etc).
5 months for those who did not (HR adjusted for IMDC prognostic criteria: 0.