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IMECInteruniversity MicroElectronics Center (research institution, Leuven, Belgium)
IMECInteruniversitair Micro Elektronica Centrum (Czech: Interuniversity Micro Electronics Center; Heverlee, Belgium)
IMECIllinois Manufacturing Extension Center (est. 1996; Peoria, IL)
IMECInterstate Migrant Education Council
IMECIndustrialized Market Economy Countries (UN)
IMECInternational Market Expansion Corporation
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Imec and Holst Centre s ion sensor solution is a generic platform that can be tailored towards specific applications.
Our collaboration with Cadence plays an important part in the development of the world's most advanced geometries including 5nm and below," said An Steegen, senior vice president of Process Technology at imec.
Holst Centre was set up in 2005 by imec (Flanders, Belgium) and TNO (The Netherlands) with support from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Government of Flanders.
One of the key challenges imec is tackling is the bonding of the device wafer to a carrier wafer, prior to wafer thinning, and the safe debonding of the thin wafer after completion of backside processing.
25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Mobile World Congress, imec and Target Compiler Technologies announced that they extend their strategic collaboration on ASIP (application-specific instruction-set processor) designs in the field of mobile communication.
Today, CardioNet is once again pioneering the field, by developing innovative solutions in terms of user experience and performance," commented Luc Van den hove, President and CEO of IMEC.
Kaneka's Photovoltaics European Laboratory is located at the imec campus in Leuven (Belgium), with access to imec's state-of-the-art PV infrastructure.
IMEC has created a dongle that plugs into the standard SD memory card interface of a cellphone to stream data from the sensors in real time and allow the phone to reconfigure the sampling frequency of sensors on the fly.
Individual companies can then form partnerships with IMEC to develop these results into a more specific technology, which is transferred exclusively to them.
A team of Silterra and IMEC engineers has worked diligently since the JDP was launched in July of this year.
After cost reductions from the consultant and registrar, plus grants from both IMEC and the Illinois Community College Board, Galesburg Castings' share of the cost was $13,642.
Starting with the incorporation of Kaneka's Photovoltaics European Laboratory at the imec campus in Leuven in 2009, Kaneka has benefited the last 6 years from imec's longstanding expertise in photovoltaics.