IMEMIstituto dei Materiali per l'Elettronica ed il Magnetismo (Italian: Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism)
IMEMInstitute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics (est. 1994; Odessa National University; Ukraine)
IMEMInternal Medicine/Emergency Medicine (various schools)
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The 6 firms that had chosen IMEM in the form of a subsidiary were in the high- technology sectors.
The evidence from the empirical research is that the entrepreneur has a very strong influence on the IMEM of the firm.
The association between customer demands and IMEM is evident in comments from most of the firms and is one of the strongest influences from the respondents' perspective.
None of the entrepreneurs expressed the opinion that resources constrained or influenced their decision about the IMEM.
For example, their knowledge of and strong ties to the customer base might ease the decision on IMEM.
Proposition 1: Personal factors (namely, bias, preferences and prior experience) of the entrepreneur will strongly influence their IMEM choice.
The combination of both an internationally focused supplier industry and customer industry may be thought to exert a strong influence on the IMEM of the case study firms.
In terms of the influence of national culture on internationalization overall the case study results suggest that, contrary to some of the literature on cross-cultural and entrepreneurial management (Busenitz, Gomez & Spencer, 2000) few respondents considered national culture as a significant issue in IMEM decision-making.
As such this suggests there can be varieties in the national environmental conditions for stimulating IMEM decisions (see for example, Wong, Ho & Autio, 2005).
Rather these entrepreneurs in medium-sized firms have common and some divergent patterns of IMEM influenced by personal characteristics and biases of the entrepreneur, the nature of the product or service, and the preferences of the customer.