IMEPIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
IMEPInternet MANET Encapsulation Protocol
IMEPInstitut de Microélectronique, Electromagnétisme et Photonique (Grenoble, France)
IMEPInstituto Metodista de Petrópolis
IMEPIntegrated Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Plan (UNICEF)
IMEPIndependent Master Evaluation Plan
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The work that IMEP does to prepare dental offices for medical emergencies is invaluable, and MetLife encourages all of our DPPO and DHMO network providers to take advantage of these services with over 40% discounted membership.
The IMEP membership enhances a dental office's preparedness to manage the medical emergency in those crucial moments.
The IMEP continuing education topics focus on the following areas:
With an IMEP membership, dentists can build a training team with up to 20 members who can participate in 12 monthly mock emergency drills, have online access around the clock to more than 30 medical emergency specialty tests, and can earn up to 53 continuing education credits per year.
For additional information about the IMEP membership discount, dentists can visit www.
Proplanner and IMEP are educating Iowa manufacturers through a series of joint process engineering seminars being held throughout the state during the month of May.
IMEP and Proplanner are currently engaged in pilot field deployment of these applications by Iowa manufacturers.
Bakker , the director of IMEP, stated "Proplanner tools help manage industrial processes that are keys to continued prosperity for our industrial sector.
Dave Sly, the president and founder of Proplanner said "There is no better organization in Iowa than the IMEP to introduce and evaluate new manufacturing technologies and concepts.
In the most recent third party national survey, IMEP has named to be the number one achiever among 75 centers in the nation for outstanding outcome in client assistance and client impact.