IMMPIntensive Medicines Monitoring Programme (New Zealand)
IMMPInformation Management Master Plan
IMMPIntegrated Maintenance Management Program
IMMPInformation Mission Management Plan
IMMPInternational Mountaineering Memorial Park (Nepal)
IMMPIntegrated Maintenance and Modernization Planning
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The Earth Island Institute and IMMP also celebrated the decision.
I had the privilege to work literally side-by-side with Mark for 25 years, taking on some of the most pressing threats to dolphins and whales in our age," David Phillips, director of IMMP and Berman's close friend, said.
Meanwhile, with the help of several very generous donors, IMMP has been working to provide funding for Japanese activists to visit Taiji, Japan and witness the dolphin hunts at the infamous "cove" for themselves.
Fortunately, a growing number of Japanese activists are joining IMMP in faiji, risking harassment from the Japanese Fisheries Agency and from extremist nationalist groups that have seized upon the hunts as an issue to promote their campaigns against foreigners.
O'Barry and the rest of the IMMP team have sought to avoid confrontations with the hunters and local authorities.
IMMP is working with other organizations to protect the Dolphin Safe label and urge the Obama administration to appeal the WTO ruling.
IMMP has been successful in stopping the capture of five dolphins and has helped reduce killing of dolphins for fish bait in Java.
This winter, several volunteers have gone to Taiji, Japan at their own expense to monitor the annual dolphin hunts on behalf of Earth Island's IMMP.
The IMMP team and our allies kept up the pressure on October 14 by conducting demonstrations at dozens of Japanese embassies and consulates around the world.
IMMP is working with the filmmakers to have The Cove available as a free download in Japan, in order to get around efforts by the Japanese government and right-wing fisheries unions to block its screening there.
I called Dave Phillips [director of IMMP and a co-director of Earth Island Institute] and said, 'This is too big for any one group.
IMMP and its Save Japan Dolphins Coalition have been working in the United States, Europe, and Japan to build a tsunami of opposition against marine mammal killings.