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IMMSInternational Military Music Society
IMMSInsurance Marketing and Management Services
IMMSIntegrated Maintenance Management System
IMMSInformation Model Management Service (service availability forum)
IMMSInterim Maintenance Management System
IMMSIntermediate Maintenance Activity Maintenance Management Subsystem
IMMSInstallation Maintenance Management System
IMMSInternational Marine Minerals Society (Honolulu, HI)
IMMSIntegrated Marine Monitoring System (various organizations)
IMMSInternational Money Management System (various companies)
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RadiSys' IMMS holds the promise of helping Mobile Service Providers enhance their business models by enabling them to sell additional differentiated services, such as video ringback tones, multimedia conferencing, or video advertising, over and above flat-rate mobile data plan revenues.
has become the fourteenth billion dollar credit union to integrate IMM technology, giving IMM more than a 10 percent share of the billion dollar credit union market in the U.
IMMS is a non-profit group whose members share a common interest in marine minerals as a resource for study and sound application to meet world demands for strategic minerals.
IMMS is a leader in that country's medical research and the largest national institution for training and educating physicians," said Robert W.
Government agencies that are challenged to effectively convey their organization's message but cannot add staff, do not have the appropriate resource internally, or are unsure of the marketing expertise they need for these specific projects or activities can now tap into our IMMs," said Michelle Boggs, McKinley's President and CEO.
McKinley's IMMs are mid- to senior-level, independent marketing professionals who take on immediate marketing management assignments with no minimum contracts.
Our agreement with InsuranceNoodle rounds-out the offerings IMMS provides its members," said IMMS Chairman George Norhaus.
IMMS provides information, products, and services to help insurance professionals build client relationships.
As independent professionals expected to hit the ground running, the IMMs surveyed said they also feel more valued than in their former corporate management positions.
During a lengthy hiring process, Qwest Communications International(R), Denver, used an IMM to help develop a marketing plan for its newly formed local group.
Pro2Net provides an additional way for insurance professionals to find the IMMS solutions they need to help their businesses grow and succeed in today's competitive environment.
For the past 25 years, IMMS has been a leading provider of marketing and management information to the insurance industry.