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IMOIn My Opinion
IMOIn Memory Of
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation (UN)
IMOInternational Mathematical Olympiad
IMOIm Moment (German: In This Moment)
IMOInternational Meteor Organization
IMOI'm Moving On
IMOIn Mijn Ogen (Dutch: in My Eyes)
IMOInternet Mail Only
IMOIrish Medical Organisation
IMOInternational Money Order
IMOIndependent Electricity Market Operator
IMOIndependent Marketing Organization (insurance)
IMOIndependent Market Operator
IMOInformation Management Officer
IMOIntelink Management Office (US DoD)
IMOIntergovernmental Maritime Organization (obsolete)
IMOInteractive Mathematics Online
IMOImmune Modulatory Oligonucleotides
iMOInstant Money-Order
IMOInstitut für Mathematische Optimierung (Universität Magdeburg, Germany)
IMOInsaat Mühendisleri Odasi (Turkish: Chambers of Civil Engineering)
IMOIdaho Mounted Orienteering (club)
IMOInternational Market Opportunities
IMOIntramural Order
IMOIncident Management Officer
IMOIntermediate Math Open
IMOInstallation Maintenance Officer
IMOIntegrated Molecular Orbital
IMOInstallation Management Office
IMOInstallation Mobility Officer
IMOIntensive Management Office
IMOImaobong Missionary Outreach
IMOInformation Media Outlet
IMOIntermediate Military Objective (US DoD)
IMOIcelandic Meteorological Office
IMOInsurance Marketing Organization (various companies)
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India has acceded to/ratified about 32 of the Conventions/Protocols adopted by the IMO and 6 of them are under consideration for the purpose, during the year 2015.
IMO and INTELLIGENT MEDICAL OBJECTS are registered trademarks of Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.
Senator Kamran Michael said that the IMO Council elections in the three categories were the centrepiece of the recently held session where Pakistani delegation voted in compliance to the instructions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
IMO is the sister agency to Cogent Elliott one of the country's leading agencies.
These accomplishments include becoming the first country in the entire Middle East to implement Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), advocating the integration of the GCC systems into a Co-operative Data Centre (CDC) and participating in the Voluntary IMO Member States Audit Scheme (VIMSAS).
ACA maintains that vessels following the IMO guidelines that enter California waters will present a low risk for translocation of invasive species into California waters.
Additionally, the course highlights the significance of internal and external auditors taking responsibility for assessing the effectiveness of implementing IMO instruments in their respective countries.
The Marine Environment section, accessible through the menu at the top of the IMO homepage, provides an overview of how the IMO works to regulate and prevent marine pollution by ships, with links to in-depth information on the applicable international treaties.
The IMO was formed in 1948 but it was back in 1914 when Britain pioneered the very first safety convention ( the Safety of Souls at Sea (SOLAS) convention.
The IMO's action came after environmental groups targeted the IMO for failing to protect the environment and human health from global shipping pollution.
These results indicate the improved stability of our novel IMO structures in the gut facilitates increased immune responses," said Tim Sullivan, Ph.