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IMON International's CEO Sanavbar Sharipova said: "With this financing package, we will be able to increase our credit and other product offerings for farmers, small businesses, and female entrepreneurs in Tajikistan.
Marie-Helene Loison, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations at PROPARCO, welcomed "the joint operation with IFC to support IMON International, which represents PROPARCO's first investment in Tajikistan.
IMON is the largest microfinance institution in Tajikistan with more than 83,000 customers served by the organisation's extensive national network of 127 branches and service outlets.
Richard Jones, Head of the EBRD Resident Office in Dushanbe, commented: "With this four-year senior loan in somoni, the EBRD expects to make an important contribution in the microfinance sector by reducing foreign currency exposure for IMON International and its clients.
As part of the commercial loan, the IMON International plans to increase its branch network and thereby expand lending in the rural sector.
IMON was founded in 2005 to finance MSMEs in urban and rural area.
Nasdaq: IMON) said today that trading of the Company's common stock and common stock purchase warrants on The Nasdaq Stock Market commenced on Monday, January 4, 1999 under the symbols IMON and IMONW, respectively.
Company Trading Symbol to Become IMON for Common Stock and IMONW for Common
has an application pending with The Nasdaq Stock Market to change the Company's symbol from CALP to IMON.
5 million, including $5 million from its own account, for IMON International, Tajikistan s leading microfinance institution, to boost lending to micro, small, and medium enterprises in the country s remote and rural areas.
California Pro Sports also announced today that it is preparing the documentation necessary for The Nasdaq Stock Market to change the company's trading symbol from CALP to IMON.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is responding to rising demand for local-currency funding from micro and small enterprises in Tajikistan with a new loan to microcredit deposit-taking organisation IMON International, CJSC.